Support our Troops Camp Program

The Support Our Troops Fund is the official program providing financial support and assistance to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, veterans and their respective families. It is funded through individual and corporate donations, proceeds from third party events and Yellow Ribbon merchandise, and contributions by external organizations. In January 2016, Military Families Fund and Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund (CFPAF) amalgamated into the Support Our Troops Fund to provide a single official source of charitable support to the CAF Community.

The National Youth Camp Program focuses on supporting children with unique and often daunting lifestyle challenges including:

  • Special needs children and/or siblings of special needs children
  • Children and dependents of ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members
  • Children of deceased Canadian Armed Forces members
  • Children and dependents of Canadian Armed Forces members who are:
    • ¬†currently deployed
    • on prolonged course or training program,
    • scheduled for deployment, or serving away from their families.