The data is overwhelming. The needs of young people in our community are pervasive and ever-changing. Investments in critical youth programs, such as summer camps, that address the social, physical and mental impacts during the pandemic are needed now more than ever.

This summer, providing opportunities for young people to attend camp is more important than ever. Experts say that for many young people ages 8-18 years, the 2021 Summer Camp Season will be an opportunity for young people to experience outdoor, physically active, mentally engaged, emotionally connected learning of lifelong skills, among peers, away from screens, in over a year!

As a direct result of the pandemic, this year, demand for registration and access to camps has dramatically increased across Ottawa and Gatineau. Imagine Canada identified a growing gap between the demand for services and the resources required. Organizations must now do more with less.

As the rate of families requesting bursaries increases, the resources available to subsidize campers have decreased. With your support, more funds will send more kids to camps at no cost.

Camps looking for funding from our 2021 OGYF Camp Fund:

“There are so many benefits for kids and the staff who go to camp, especially coming on the heels of a year where they had limited social interaction and limited opportunity to do sports…They’re craving it. They need it…It’s a place where kids will learn independence, grow socially, emotionally and physically, and learn skills.”

Excerpt from Experts call on Quebec to allow reopening of sleepaway camps’ – Montreal Gazette

Earl Rubin

Director- Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Montreal Children’s Hospital

An investment in camps is an investment for a brighter future.

Your support will provide the opportunity to go to camp and gain an experience that will last a lifetime.

Did you know? A monthly donation of $20 can provide a week long camp experience for a young person and positively shape their future.

“I’ve been to camp for only 2 weeks and it’s ten times better than staying at home. I’ve made a lot of new friends that I’ve been able to relate to. I don’t have siblings so coming to camp helped me meet new people and build relationships through sports, team building activities, and circle games. Camp is so much better than watching tv or going on my computer. It gave me the opportunity to play with people my own age and my favorite part of camp was being able to finally socialize with people and I love all the staff and campers!”

Camper from Summer 2020 Funding