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Legacy Project
Physical Wellness

The Foundation has been breaking down barriers for young people to participate in physical wellness activities since its establishment in 1998. The OGYF will continue this tradition by providing financial bursaries to cover registration, equipment and transportation costs.

The OGYF Sport & Leisure League is set to launch in 2021

at several of the RINK OF DREAM sites the Foundation constructed in Ottawa and Gatineau. The program offers free access to a variety of staff-led sports, recreation and leisure activities for a few hours each evening and on weekends.

Mental Wellness

The OGYF partners with registered charities capable of delivering programs to address youth addiction, anxiety and depression in alternative ways to traditional medical interventions. Learn more about the programs we are funding in the region:


The OGYF, in partnership with post-secondary educational institutions throughout the region, offers bursary funds to students requiring financial assistance in an effort to remove barriers for young people to pursue their academic dreams.

Social Justice

The OGYF is establishing a fund for young people, in grades 7-12, to apply for grants in an effort to bring their vision and voice to the forefront of their communities as change-agents in the area of social justice. Grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded to youth groups to develop and deliver programs or activities that educate and promote inclusion, social equity, and cultural diversity. Funding is intended to support youth led initiatives for audiences of young people within publicly funded school settings or associated with registered charities whose primary mandate is focused on youth.

Roger Neilson House (Legacy)

In honour of Roger Neilson, an admired and respected NHL coach with the Ottawa Senators in 2003, the Foundation raised more than $5 million to build on the CHEO campus Roger Neilson House (RNH), a pediatric respite and palliative care home. Since the opening of RNH in April 2006, the has raised millions to support Roger Neilson House operations. Children and families that are admitted to the state-of-the-art, eight-bedroom facility, at no cost, are comforted by the welcoming home-away-from-home atmosphere where dedicated professionals and volunteers providethe very best in medical and compassionate care.