OGYF Camp Fund Applications

The OGYF will focus all its fundraising efforts from now until September 2021 to provide grants to charities offering summer camps. We want as many young people as possible to have safe opportunities to get active outdoors, socialize, and to gain meaningful educational and emotional experiences that will last a lifetime. We know that these types of experiences are needed desperately due to the upheaval the pandemic has caused to the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of our youth.

*Progress can be saved throughout the application

If you have any problems with contact Caitlin Ridgeway at [email protected]


The OGYF will partner with Canadian registered charitable organizations that have:

  • a core mandate of delivering recreational programming to children and youth ages 6-16 years living in eastern Ontario and/or western Quebec;
  • 10+ years of successful summer camp creation, programming, engagement with families, and post camp camper evaluations;
  • existing infrastructure, facilities, and staffing frameworks for summer camp delivery;
  • a demonstrated history of diversity, inclusion, and equality for campers within the camp environment;
  • a demonstrated history of providing subsidies to make camp as accessible as possible;
  • non-denominational programming; and
  • audited financial statements for the organization (not just camp programs) for the previous three fiscal years.